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How Qalara has made life easier for buyers

How Qalara has made life easier for buyers


he challenges of conducting global business are endless. Plenty of obstructions arise, ranging from language barriers, local competition and cultural differences to payments, compliances, and the nuances of foreign politics. But making long-term sustainable connections can help businesses bypass these sets of hurdles.

The same set of logistical and situational bottlenecks exists in the world of wholesale business as well. So, if you are thinking of sourcing hassle-free, think of Qalara. Qalara brings to you a remarkable curation of artisanal and sustainable consumer goods. Along with advocating sustainability, Qalara is determined to cater to wholesale requirements that support fair-trade, eco-friendly, organic, and artisan-empowering values. In the face of omnipresent challenges, Qalara hopes to push for a global sustainable supply chain and help ethical brands stay true to their values.

Here are some brands and retailers that have expressed their gratitude towards Qalara and its services.


Lucia has been associated with Qalara for a good while now and she could not be happier about the services and assistance she has been offered! In her testimonial, she thanks the Qalara team for an effortless correspondence and a seamless delivery. She goes on to applaud the quality of the products that are marked by artisanal flair. All of Qalara’s products, in fact, abide by at least one of the many values that are key to Qalara’s mission of global sourcing and wholesale. Besides, liaising with Qalara also ensures you’re making a planet-friendly choice.

My name is Lucia. I have been using the Qalara website for a while now and my experience has been great. The team at Qalara was extremely helpful, especially its account managers. They were available and they answered all our questions and guided us throughout the process. One of the things I like the most about the Qalara website is that there is an amazing variety of products that they have and when I received them, the high quality of the products really exceeded my expectations. And also, it’s good to mention the user experience of the website, it’s really good too. Their website is super easy to navigate and has all the information I needed. So, I definitely look forward to keep working with the Qalara team in the future and keep using their website to get my products.

All the way from Mauritius, this client is all praises about the excellent customer service and the end-to-end assistance she received from Qalara. Read more about why sourcing from Qalara is as easy as it can get here.

Hello, it’s Bhanu. We are based in Mauritius and we've been working with Qalara for the last 1½ years. It's been 1½ years of very good experience! Not only on the selection of the products, the quality of the products but also on the great assistance that we get from the entire team of Qalara starting from the very point where we choose our products and we finalize them with the team. Then of course, our account manager, who always is on the top of her game. She was always there on the lookout. She looked after us and heard what we had to say. We had a few issues which is very normal in the business that we do and she’s been very supportive. Be it the logistics team, the marketing team of Qalara, they’re always here to help and they've gone the extra mile, I would say. And we really appreciate that, they’ve gone the extra mile for us the last six months so we could get everything that we wanted when we needed it, so we’re really really satisfied.

Qalara has been instrumental in changing Ming’s business. Ming, another happy customer from Taiwan, praises Qalara’s order types and MOQ arrangements, which range from minimum to sizeable, as they best suit her business model. Read more about Qalara’s minimum order options here.

Hi, this is Ming from Taiwan. First of all, I want to thank Qalara. I think Qalara is the key to changing my business. It has several advantages which is why I wanted to build a long term relationship with you. First is the minimum order quantity which is super flexible. Second is the payment method. I think the payment method is really friendly. Third one is the shipping mode. We’re doing DDP and this is very very helpful for me. And last is the product itself! The quality, the aesthetic, and the craftsmanship is really great. So thank you again Qalara, and the team.

With happy customers spanning far and wide, Qalara is emerging as the one-stop-shop for ethically crafted, quality certified and door delivered offerings. No wonder with end-to-end support, curation of only the best products, and superior quality offerings, Qalara has made life truly easier for buyers!

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