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Interior Lifestyle Fair, Tokyo 2023

Interior Lifestyle Fair, Tokyo 2023


ermany-based Messe Frankfurt is known far and wide as the world’s largest trade fair organizing forum. The group hosts a diverse range of international fairs, exhibitions, and events across various industries. The Messe Frankfurt Group reportedly organizes around 148 exhibitions every year! Founded in 1907, the association has a rich history of supporting businesses and serving as a vibrant platform for their growth.

Having its own exhibition grounds spanning various locations, Messe Frankfurt attracts a multitude of brands, sellers, retailers and businesses at its trade fairs, exhibitions, and events. Participants from various industries get the opportunity to exhibit their products and services and cater to the local market, establishing a great foothold in overseas markets. They get to connect with a wide range of buyers. At Messe Frankfurt, the attendees and presenters are inspired by innovation and variety. There are plenty of opportunities to facilitate business collaborations, attract professionals, buyers, and visitors from all over. Enabling global business networking, product showcasing, and providing industry insights, the platform has grown to become a hub of international commerce and knowledge exchange. Its fairs cover sectors such as automotive, textiles, consumer goods, technology, and more!

Messe Frankfurt Japan Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Messe Frankfurt. It runs a total of 10 trade fairs in Japan. These flagship fairs predict consumer behaviour, sourcing habits, and set the trends half a year in advance. If you are looking to enter the Japanese market or set about forging connections there, read on ahead!

From June 14th to June 16th, Messe Frankfurt Japan will be organizing the Spring edition of its Interior Lifestyle fair at Tokyo Big Sight. This happens to be one of Asia’s leading international interior and designing exhibitions. With trending and innovative designs up for show, the Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2023 will be a marketplace for lifestyle offerings such as gift items, fashion, textiles, tableware, foods, interior décor, jewelry and furniture! At the convention, exhibitors stand the chance to make direct connections with hoteliers, designers, exporters/importers, distributors, wholesalers, designers/decorators, architects, and even e-commerce stakeholders. Read more about the Interior Lifestyle fair here.

For more information on the upcoming fairs and exhibitions in Japan, visit here.

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