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A silver-toned leaf against a black backdrop

Sterling silver sizzles across town


asually shopping for accessories, and peppy jewelry today has become all about keeping an eye out on the glimmering shine of silver and chasing it down. Famous especially among the youth, silver is lustrous, looks phenomenal, and dons a shiny metallic finish that is a sight for sore eyes! Besides, silver has been around forever and we are so glad that it is finally getting its due credit.

Right now is the perfect time for you to stock up your inventory with bewitching silver items. So far outshone by other ostentatious metals and gems, silver in contemporary times is unleashing its magnum opus-esque features very expertly.

We at Qalara, journey across the Silver snicket with you and explore various trendy spots positioned here that explain silver’s sudden popularity. Brace yourselves for this is going to be a glamourous, shimmering, and sizzling experience.

Say what one might, it is undeniable that silver possesses a radiant sheen that is not limited to its appearance. Used in jewelry, silverware, cookware, and medicine among other categories, silver articles have the ability to juxtapose decadence next to utility. Above and beyond, silver’s charm permeates across effortlessly to project an overall appealing aura to the beholder. 

Silver sizzles | Qalara
Silver sizzles | Qalara
Silver sizzles | Qalara

Interestingly, silver used to have an immense aesthetic appeal eons ago as well. Ancient cultures and the civilizations of yore recognized silver’s ability of being effortlessly versatile. It was used to make an array of things including jewelry, vessels, figurines, idols, tableware, ritual objects, amulets, mystic artefacts, coins & currency, and was even a measure of wealth in some prominent cultures! For a long time, it was overshadowed by the glorious gold, but is slowly making its comeback.

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The consumer market trends surely offer a greater insight on silver’s powerful upsurge. According to market reports, the demand for silver jewelry in India has been on a steady rise since 2014. While the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected this graph, the downward slope is negligible compared to the spike witnessed consistently from 2014 onwards.

Silver consumption

It finally looks like silver’s unique properties and its wide range of use are being duly recognized by consumers across. As a consequence, this has brought about a shift in the consumer behavior and expectations. On the economic front, therefore, silver is surely thriving.

When it comes to the cumulative global market bends and shifts, silver continues to attract all the stares. Even on a larger front, from 2011 to 2020, silver jewelry demand worldwide, rose up. We at Qalara too are riding the crest of the silver wave and ask you to join us! Check out this miscellaneous silver product list and update your inventory now!

For more than centuries, silver (just like copper) has been used for its natural properties as an effective antimicrobial and antibacterial element aiding in fighting infections, acute cold and flu-like symptoms, healing wounds, etc. In the medicinal field, silver is used in its nitrate and colloidal form. Silver, for its germ-killing properties, has also been historically demonstrated to be used as an antibiotic and sterilization agent. If you did not already know, silver is widely utilized in medical aids like  certain bandages, ointments, wound dressings, and also as an antibiotic coating on medical devices. Silver’s ability to keep bacteria at bay makes it the best fit to be an essential material in the making of medical tools and devices. It’s extremely awe-striking to know that silver, tangibly changes color when it encounters toxins and harmful chemicals.

Silver sizzles | Qalara
Card holder with silver inlay
Bird handmade stone-studded enamel drop earrings with 92.5 Sterling Silver
Silver sizzles | Qalara
Sterling silver cast filigree triangle necklace

In addition to warding off these very visible ailments, wearing silver is also said to appease health conditions that aren’t so noticeable. As it goes, silver has been characterized to help with balancing energy levels, upkeeping immunity, relieving anxiety and maintaining an overall positive mood. Rings, anklets, amulets, and bracelets and a favorite among shoppers who are looking for beautiful accessories that are imbued with serenity.

For all the rightful reasons, people have become extremely health conscious these days and are always on the lookout to maintain their overall well-being. In such a case, what can possibly trump over the aesthetically-calming effects of silver offerings? Do check out Qalara’s silver product list here.

Silver accessories can pull of both, posh and peppy. Accessories made from this exquisite metal, additionally, are relatively affordable as well. While the market for silver is very volatile, the key advantage that silver holds over gold is that it is much cheaper and accessible with similar benefits as gold. Fancy an opulent silver set you chanced upon while shopping? Fret not because it is likely that you will be able to don it without having to worry about exhausting your savings!

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Trends, patterns, and habits are mercurial. But it looks like silver has a knack to reemerge and rule the scene every time. And we at Qalara surely like this metal’s mettle. Visit our site to have a look at wonderful silver articles that you can astound your customers with!

Written by Gauri S