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    Nature's treasures
    Handwoven and hand-knitted wonders made by rural artisans
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    The weavers of Kumaon | Qalara

    The song of the mountains

    Admist the natural beauty of creeks, mountains, snowfall, rivers, waterfalls, and circular roads, there lies a great venture, unknown to the rest of the world. Nestled in the remote village of India's northern part, Kumaon in Uttarakhand, Kilmora is creating a dream come true. Kumaun Grameen Udyog, a social enterprise established in 1996, provides sustainable livelihoods to artisans, farmers and weavers in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, Himalayas, India.


    Kumaun Grameen Udyog has mandated to plough back its earnings into rural development activities. The aim of Kilmora is to give quality and a fair deal to both customers and rural producers alike. The range of products include handwoven and hand knitted textiles which are sustainable and eco-friendly. They have witnessed the devastation caused by fast fashion, hence they vow to upcycle fabrics and use traditional methods of weaving.

    A 24 core team of artisans

    Since Kilmora is a brand of an organization known as Kumaun Grameen Udyog, they have a huge team to work with them. With 24 core members, each of different and varied expertise, Kilmora has the best of minds operating it. However, they believe that the true essence of Kilmora lies in the unmatched work of their artisans, who give their all in creating souvenirs for life.

    Kilmora's artisans | Qalara

    Weaving stories along the way

    Kilmora focuses on the essence of the brand, their weavers and artisans. They have brought together the local talent from the most remote regions on board. These weavers are extremely skilled in authentic weaving methods. Due to their lifestyle, they have not been introduced to machine made tools. These weavers have inherited the craft of handloom and weaving from their ancestors, it's their age-old profession. Kilmora has over 300 weavers and knitters working with them.

    Hand knitted designs | Qalara
    Artisans hand knitting products | Qalara
    Woolen designs | Qalara

    A stroll down the production lane

    Traditionally, in Uttarakhand, weaving was practiced on pit looms or waist looms. However, the width of the fabric produced on these was very limited. Today, mostly tools like drop spindles or foot operated Bageshwrai charkhas (spinning wheels) are used. Spinning and weaving of natural fibers like wool and pashmina are native to this region. Fusing traditional techniques with sustainable methods, Kilmora's talented farmers and artisans produce exquisite, one-of-a-kind textiles and lifestyle products. All of their products are produced using 100% natural materials, including plant-derived dyes, sustainably harvested indigo, and locally-produced silk and wool.

    Natural products | Qalara
    Sustainably made products | Qalara

    Reinvesting in the community

    1. Providing structured, long-term development support to enable  crafts as a means of income generation and livelihood
    2. Training the local community with the growing their skill set.
    3. Initiative towards an eight-bed hospital in Sargakhet village for medical treatment.
    4. They have opened a rural primary school that has been functioning since 2004 in Simayal village

    Kilmora's artisans | Qalara