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    • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is mentioned for each product listed on Qalara.
    • For custom requirements, MOQ can vary based on the designs.

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    Key methods
    • Metal Casting
    • Hand Cut
    • Hand Carved
    Key materials
    • Wood
    • Brass
    • Glass
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    Products at a glance
    The tale of handcrafted living!

    A tribute to the elements

    Born in 2018, this unique brand caters to an array of categories that include kitchenware, tableware, lighting, furniture and decor. This brand celebrates natural elements that spell out the beauty that life has to offer. For them, good design is not a privilege, but a pre-requisite. The brand does not confine itself to product creation, but aims to inspire lifestyles by marrying nature with tradition, to handcraft beauty that goes beyond the superficials.

    Shaped with culture, rooted in wisdom and adapted to modern sensibilities, each product masters the 'art of handmade imperfection'. Every creation is an expression of love for the environment! A seamless blend of elements that are both sense and sensuous, The mindfully designed products don’t come at the cost of childhood or the planet.

    'What looks good must do good'

    For over 30 years, this seller has pioneered in exporting handcrafted products to global brands. Inspired by his love for handmade artistry, Ayush Baid started the brand to bring that expertise and international standard to the Indian as well as global audience. All of the products crafted are sustainable and follow the belief that 'what looks good, should also do good'.


    'Each of our products blends form and function, expressing love for the environment and making your every day beautiful.'

    -Ayush Baid


    A craft that speaks volumes


    At the brand, they see beauty in the mundane. The brand holds its highly experienced artisans and craftspeople in high regard. From ceramic pottery, handwoven kitchen linen, terracotta serve-ware, metallic home accents to wooden kitchenware, furniture and appreciably more, this brand outdoes itself when it comes to diversity and quality. Each product design follows a purpose because machines are not their artists; Artists are. Every product is a blend of mind and soul, it’s a fusion of sense and sensuous. Their craft contains both, their view of the world as well as their responsibility towards it.