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Turned wooden double decker side table
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How it's made
This innovative double decker side table is made out of mango wood and has been crafted through the process of woodturning. In the craft of woodturning, having skilled hands with geometrical precision is always the top priority. The wood gets turned into an offering with the use of a wooden lathe. The lathe does the job of rotating the wooden materials along a fixed axis. The rotating block of wood gets worked upon by cutting and carving it into proper and even geometrical angles, using precision steel tools. Even today, woodturning only gets used for making offerings with a high artisanal value like restored furniture, folk art-inspired offerings, and customized products. Its very process makes it impossible to fit in an industrial mass production scenario. If that is not as artisanal as it gets, we don't know what will be!
Product specifications
Material description
Mango Wood
Care description
Wipe with a soft cloth
Feature 1
The mango wood makes this side table durable and highly water-resistant
Feature 2
The height of this table can be altered by removing one-tier
14.25 inch
14.25 inch
20 inch
5600 grams
This side table has been made from solid mango wood that has a beautiful straight, curly or interlocked grain pattern. This inherent characteristic makes every product unique and authentic
Pack contents
1 unit of side table
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