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Waste to Wow! Handwoven collectibles made from discarded plastic and textile. Lovingly crafted by women artisans
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Handwoven ikat trunk (large)
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How it's made
This trunk has been handwoven using up-cycled black and white cotton and plastic wrappers. It is a multifunctional storage box built on an iron frame. It features a classic ikat pattern that serves a contemporary appeal. In handweaving, a close-knit fabric is woven by hand. The artisan interlaces horizontal and vertical threads to create a mesh and shape it into the desired shape of the product. Stitches are used to hold the material in place. The main fabrics which are worked on are cotton, jute, khadi, linen and silk. The art of handweaving dates back to 3000 BCE in the Indus Valley civilization. Thousands of years later, India remains the only country in the world to still have a handloom textile industry providing employment to 4.4 million weaver families. The artisans have managed to preserve this art and culture of weaving despite facing immense competition from the power loom industry which dominates the market
Product specifications
Material description
Iron, Waste Plastic
Production method
26 inch
15 inch
14 inch
8 kg
Pack contents
1 unit of trunk
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