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Made from ethically-sourced and responsibly-harvested wood, here is a modish and unique range of artisanal, eco-friendly houseware
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Wood turned & hand painted wrightia tinctoria wooden rabbit counting set

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How it's made
Made with supreme quality wrightia tinctoria wood, this fun toy is the perfect playtime partner for your little one. Wrightia tinctoria wood comes from a firm deciduous tree that is native to Asia, particularly the Indian subcontinent. This wood has been sustainably and responsibly sourced with the tree being harvested from the wild for locals as a source of a dye and wood, not to mention for the various medicinal purposes it carries. The craft of wood turning is hundreds of years old. A skilled artisan fixes a rough-hewn circular block of wrightia tinctoria wood at the head of the traditional lathe machine and hammers it in place by hand. The machine begins whirring as the artisan introduces a hand-held chisel to the block, and applies varying degrees of pressure to sculpt the desired shape and to smoothen the edges. Finally, the resultant product is hand painted with vibrant colors
Product specifications
Material description
Wrightia Tinctoria Wood
Production method
Wood Turning
2 inch
2 inch
5.2 inch
70 grams
Pack contents
1 set of toy
Item id

Certifications & Testimonials

Tea house, Boulder, Colorado, USA
The samples look great! Many many thanks! I look forward to offering our teas in your lovely canisters!