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Hand cut on time notice board
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How it's made
This aesthetic and efficient mango wood notice board with a clock, is a hand-cut offering. Hand-cut wooden offerings are as close as they get to being raw and close to nature. The process starts with logs of wood being cut into flat slabs using saws. Usually, two men hold the wood firmly, ensuring that the slabs are cleanly cut. After this step, multiple tools are used for various purposes like carving, cutting, marking, chopping, etc. The order of it depends on the kind of handicraft. Many handicrafts are essentially only one block of wood that the artisans work on. Sometimes, artisans connect multiple blocks of wood so skillfully that it looks like a single block
Product specifications
Material description
Mango Wood
Care description
Dust with soft cloth
Feature 1
Comes with a working clock
Feature 2
Fixed handle at the botton for keeping chalks and duster
11.75 inch
26 inch
2 inch
2600 grams
This notice board has been made from solid mango wood that has a beautiful straight, curly or interlocked grain pattern. This inherent characteristic makes every product unique and authentic
Pack contents
1 unit of notice board & clock
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