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A fifth generation leather craftsman from Kutch, this seller has been creating splendid leather accessories since the last 20 years
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Check pattern hand stitched kutch craft leather bag with zari work
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How it's made
This leather accessory from Anchalbhai Bijalani has been stunningly handcrafted by artisans from Kutch, Gujarat. Rich in detail, this offering is an outcome of age-old techniques of slicing, hand stitching, punching and braiding. Endowed with embroidery and engraving skills, these Kutch artisans over time have added a new dimension to their leather products, beautifying them with hand embroidery, embossing or engravings. Leather craft forms an integral part of the Kutch culture, being practised here for generations. The roots of this craft date back to the Marwada Meghwal community known for leather craft, that migrated from Sindh and Rajasthan to Kutch. Working closely with the cattle herders of Kutch (the Maldhari community), they slowly spread their wings, supplying leather products to the residents of the area. Social barriers nearly led to the extinction of this wonderful craft. Most of the artisans quit, looking for other forms of employment. Today only 20-25 artisans in all of Kutch practice leather craft, taking immense pride in their skills and choosing to work with traditional handmade techniques alone
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Keep the product dry, avoid water and alcohol/chemical sprays; Wipe with dry cloth
Production method
Hand Stitched
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This product is made in Kutch, Gujarat
10 inch
4 inch
10 inch
440 grams
Hand stitched and hand embroidered products may have slight variations in stitch appearance from the product displayed
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1 bag
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