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Handmade coconut shell nut bowl
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How it's made
Coconut has a special place in the Hindu culture of India. Right from ritualistic to culinary purposes, coconuts are a hit. This eco-friendly coconut shell bowl features the hand cut coconut shell craft done by masterful artisans. It is believed that as a craft, coconut shell crafting could have been practiced by craftsmen from the Vishwakarma community in Kerala. The process of coconut shell crafts involves sketching, cutting, sanding, and buffing to create the finished product. The coconut products are made from reclaimed coconut shells that would have normally been disposed off as waste. The discarded coconut shells are thoroughly cleaned, carefully scouted, polished, and sundried, and cut to make to give these beautiful shells a second life and a new home. This fruit is a complete package in itself with zero wastage!
Product specifications
Material description
Coconut shell
4.25 inch
4.25 inch
3 inch
100 grams
Every handmade offering is unique. Minor variations from the product displayed can be expected. The physical product comes with seller branding
Pack contents
1 unit of bowl
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