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A happy mix of colors, techniques and textures, this timeless collection of home furnishings bears the artisanal badge with pride
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Handwoven block print cotton cushion cover
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How it's made
Crafted from soft cotton, this cushion cover is the picture of elegance and comfort. It features a classic block print pattern, carefully rendered by hand by Jaipur's artisans. The craft has been practised in Rajasthan for around 500 years and was first introduced to the Jaipur region by the Chipa community, located in the village of Bagru, an area famous for vegetable dyes and mud resist block prints. The art of block printing has been passed down generations within families and communities. The process starts with the block design, first drawn on paper and then carved by hand onto wooden blocks which are approximately 18-24cm. The block is dipped in natural dyes and carefully stamped on fabric. The process is repeated multiple times by skilled hands. Block carving in itself is a precise art requiring years of apprenticeship and done entirely by hand. Each color pattern is stamped individually onto the fabric. The process takes time and skill, as the pattern must be stamped repeatedly across the fabric, color by color. The subtle gaps and overlaps are a beautiful reminder of beauty of handmade crafts and give block printing its iconic look. Rajasthan’s block printing villages echo the rhythmic ‘knocking’ sounds that are created when the block printer stamps the wooden block on fabric
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Hand wash separately in cold water
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24 inch
16 inch
0.2 inch
250 grams
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1 cushion cover
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